Lewis Immersible Systems
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Lewis Immersible Systems

Lewis immersible systems add or increase ultrasonic power to an existing tank, for power, versatility, and reliability. They are designed for heavy-duty continuous improvement and withstand abuse and high temperature operation.



Standard Features

  • Solid state generator
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 100% Nickel laminate, zero spaced magnetostrictive transducers silver-brazed to inside of radiating diaphragm.
  • Ten year warranty on the transducer and diahragm assembly.
  • Impervious to thermal and impact shock.
  • TIG welding throughout, cleand and passivated.
  • Variety of configurations - may be combined to concentrate ultrasonic energy in one area. or mounted on moving gantrys and passed over or in front of a stationary component.