Lewis Nearfield® In-Line System
Stoelting Cleaning


Lewis Nearfield® In-Line System

Lewis ultrasonic cleaning system designed for high throughput and critical clean applications. Superior at removing difficult contaminants in a short cycle time with the Nearfield® technology-intense scrubbing action caused by the imploding cavitation bubbles.



Standard Features

  • The NEARFIELD® (NF) cleaning system delivers more cleaning energy to your parts than any other ultrasonic cleaning system on the market.
  • This process has been chosen by customers to be superior at removing difficult contaminants in short cycle times.
  • The generator output wattage to gallon of solution ratio in a typical Nearfield® system is twenty (20) times the cleaning energy typically available in a standard batch tank type application.
  • Critical cleaning of larger mass parts as well as small parts
  • The Nearfield® cleaning systems can be adapted to use with existing overhead conveyors or on to flat wire mesh belt conveyors.