Stand Alone Dryer
Stoelting Cleaning

Stand Alone Dryer

In-line drying module, stand-alone SMEMA-compatible unit, can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with any in-line cleaner. The OmniJet uses a unique high temperature/high flow air drying technology that removes and evaporates water from even the most dense and complex electronic assemblies. The systems high-process efficiency results in higher throughput from the users existing washer otherwise liminted by dryer inefficiency.



Standard Features

  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • The OmniJet CBW-SADS stand alone in-line drying system is meant to replace or supplement inefficient drying stages of other in-line cleaners.
  • The main benefit of the OmniJet CBW-SADS is lower production cost per unit through increased capacity in your present system.
  • Completely dry product means less rework, rejects, and failures caused by trapped moisture. You recapture dollars previously lost due to inefficient drying methods.
  • The innovative combination of high flow/previously heated air (recirculated) and 360° “product surround” air knives is a Stoelting exclusive.