Stoelting Cleaning


Aqueous industrial conveyorized/monorail parts washer. Designed for your difficult cleaning applications. Recirculatory wet stages and blowoff heat available in electric, gas, or steam. Available in a wide variety of belt widths, or monorail construction.  Energy efficient solution tanks and blowoff system. High impact spray tube design for maximum GPM of wash solution.



Standard Features

  • The Stoelting OmniForce featuring all 304 stainless steel construction for low maintenance and long life. Sleek design for aesthetic appearance.
  • Stainless steel belt ranging in widths from 12" to 108" to handle a wide variety of cleaning applications.
  • Tapered inside roof provides improved water runoff and steam ventilation system with separate vent fans for accurate mist control.
  • 3' dragout/chemical isolation zone includes a total of 4 isolation curtains designed into each module to minimize cross contamination of wet stages.
  • Heated blowoff chamber with high velocity, high volume, adjustable air knives for faster, more complete drying. Removable doors for easy access to internal chamber.
  • Energy efficient solution tank. Recirculated water flow is directed uniformly across heater elements to eliminate hot/cold spot conditions for efficient energy use. Tank baffles create a “quiet zone” for application of oil separators (skimmers, coalescors, ultra filtration and centrifuge systems).
  • Energy efficient blowoff system. Stoelting engineered air plenum/knife system delivers a uniform flow of heated air (electric, gas or steam). Adjustable air knives for optimum drying.
  • Hinged, removable canopy doors for easy access to wet zone.


LIQUID LOCK environmentally conscious cleaning technology can reduce power and chemistry consumption by up to 75%. The curtain containment system “locks” atomized spray in the wash chamber, eliminating the number one cause of chemical solution loss (atomized spray mist exhaust). In addition to locking in the vapor, LIQUID LOCK also locks in the heat.
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